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Ayurveda is a field that needs to be understood through analogy, not just studied.

The Ayurvedic Consortium of Europe (ACE) has decided to present Ayurveda from A to Z. Ayurveda is an ancient, complete, enormous body of knowledge that sometimes gives one the feeling that one life is not enough time in which to understand it completely and that it is all but impossible to research.

The times we live in are different than ancient times were. We approach thinking differently today –  first we identify a goal, and then we try to figure out how to reach it. We forget to analyze the goal, to ask how it was selected in the first place, or why, but in fact what we first must understand is how we have arrived at the performance of a specific action, such as attempting to achieve a goal. That is the beginning of understanding Ayurveda.

We receive some information from the culture around us and, if we are orthodox, we consider it eternally true even if we do not understand it. That is definitely an unclear basis on which to understand the world around us.The ACE therefore, focuses first on understanding itself, on understanding “the mechanism of existence.

For Indian students of Ayurveda, being deeply rooted in Indian culture aids their comprehension of Ayurvedic principles (although now this understanding is decreasing). In Europe, this cultural knowledge is generally missing. ACE has therefore decided to teach a course in “Ayurvedic Awareness” of the basic mechanisms of life. This course is preliminary to higher studies in Ayurveda.

Worldwide it has been problematic for Ayurveda to be accepted as an official subject of study in colleges, but at the same time many intelligent people are curious to understand this ancient treasure of knowledge. Why not, therefore, make this possible, in a user-friendly way, without requiring the interaction of governments when it comes to approving curriculum?

Those who are more interested in adopting the system of Ayurveda for use in their own private lives can study practices such as cooking, home remedies for common health problems, massage, wellness techniques, and Yoga performed with Ayurvedic awareness. We call this curriculum Ayurveda Chikitsak (AC).

For those who want to serve their fellow human beings as Ayurvedic consultants, ACE offers a thorough study of Ayurveda. For those who would like to devote themselves to Ayurveda further, we offer the full study of the ancient original literature.

Course schedules

As we know, Ayurveda is not part of the regular education system in Europe, but a “hobby”. Nevertheless, it is a difficult subject requiring daily attendance. ACE offers intensive blocks of study, including during some holidays, depending on the subject matter.


All of the Ayurvedic courses end with examinations. The courses cannot be completed only on the basis of attending classes, but must be completed by passing examinations as per the course requirements (oral examinations, practical examinations, written examinations, etc.) according to our guidelines. Classes and training can be attended anywhere in the world, but passing the examinations is what is most important. Certificates of completion can only be issued on the basis of passing the examination as per our rules.


ACE recomands the members to be staffed by the professional teachers who use the analogical approach and have Ayurvedic pedagogical and psychological experience. They also must have a full understanding of the European climate and culture and the application of Ayurvedic principles to healing in Europe. ACE has a teachers exchange program.

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